Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

I know what you might be thinking: “WICKED”??? Who in the world would name a book “Wicked”??  And what’s this hoo-ha about “the life and times”?!?! She spent her whole life being evil, and that’s that! It sounds boring! All books bore me!

If that’s what you’re thinking, your brain’s gone fuzzy.

But I’m guessing that’s not what you’re thinking, since this is a book review website, not a I ❤ complaining about my issues website.

Anyways, Wicked is the thrilling tale of the time before Dorothy, the time before the Tin Man, the time before the Scarecrow, etc. It’s about the Wicked Witch and her life from her perspective.

It starts off when little Elphaba (Wicked Witch) is born with green skin, worrying her giddy mother and her ecclesiastical father, who think she is some devil. As life goes on, Elphaba is accepted into Shiz University, where she meets sassy Galinda/Glinda (The Good Witch) and becomes her friend. While at Shiz, she also encounters Fiyero(a Winkie), Dr. Dillamond, a Goat*, Boq (A Munckin), and the true antagonist, Madame Morrible. She learns of a terrible case of injustice to Animals, and also helps her sister, Nessarose, who is armless, adjust to her surroundings.

But life speeds on, and suddenly the Land of Oz is terrible. There are Animals being prosecuted every which way, and the terrible Gale Force is freaking people out of their minds. Elphaba is resisting, and that is why she has been labled a wicked witch by none other then the Wizard himself!

Life keeps moving, and then we get to my favorite part: Dorothy time!!!! It starts when Elphaba and a boy named Liir got to the Vinkus (Winkie country), meet Fiyero’s wife and kids, and then when the wife and kids get captured, the Vinkus is hers. This is the evil castle that Dorothy gets trapped in.

Now I’m not going to say anything else about the book. If you want to know more, READ!!!!!

I also would reccommend this book to 5th grade and up, or to people that have seen the musical Wicked. I hope you read this book!

An Owl in the Corner of a Tree, Reading and Reviewing

*Goat: the “G” is capitalized because there is a difference between Animals and animals. Animals can talk, and animals can’t.


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