Ivy’s Ever After

Ivy’s Ever After is the absotively thrilling tale of a young princess named Ivy who is stuck with an unwanted fate.

I know what you’re thinking: What unwanted fate?

Oh, nothing much. Just being shut up in an enchanted tower for the rest of her life until a prince comes and slays the evil dragon guarding her tower.

Well, at least that’s what she’s supposed to do. Of course. All good stories start with disobedience. (Don’t get any ideas!!)

Well you can’t blame her. Who would want to consent to a plan where her nutball father can’t help her, where her prince could be an evil Glacian murderer,where her fairy godmother is missing, her mother is dead, and the evil dragon is actually not so evil?

Join Ivy on an adventure with her dragon to find her fairy godmother. You’ll be amazed at all the things she does: fights trolls in the Craggies, pixies in the swamp, and lake monsters by the fairy cave. She does it all for a simple purpose: she wants it the end her way. Not Glacian Prnce way. Not living-in-a-tower way. Ivy’s way. Ivy’s Ever After.


I would reccommend this to fantasy lovers.

Thanks for reading!



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