I’m guessing maybe you can guess what this story is partly about. Is your guess something feathery, wise, and awesome?

Before I confirm your guess, i ‘spose i’ll give you a summary:

Roy Eberhardt of Montana (actually Detroit but he did’t remember it) is pooped when  his family decides to move to Coconut Cove, Florida. His famous quote states, “Disney World is an armpit compared to Montana.” Coconut Cove seems like the biggest poop of Roy’s life until he meets Dana Matherson, the school bully. In fact, if Dana had’t been smashing his face against the windows of the school bus, none of that mess would have happened. He would have never met the mysterious Mullet Fingers who runs away from the bus stop, or aqcuainted with Beatrice “the bear” Leep, who bites a hole in his bike tire. And if Dana hadn’t provoked him to punch him, he would have never known about the illegal Mother Paula’s Pancake House movement. He would never have even heard about the (wait for it….) owls!!!!

Maybe Florida wasn’t amoeba-stained and sweaty after all.

I would reccomend this book to humor lovers and nature lovers. And especially……Owl lovers! (I bet you can guess one of the reasons i like it….hem hem..OwlBook)Hoot is agreat read for all ages with lively action and suprises. You don’t wanna miss it!



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