Vampires? Werewolfs? Hunts?

To Isabella “Bella” Swan, Forks is a crummy town with boringness and despair and history. Even when she decides to move back in with her father, Forks has no livelyness. At least, not until she meets Edward Cullen.

The Cullens all sit at one table alone, beautiful but ….normal. They don’t eat, and the look like they don’t sleep.

Bella wonders who they are. And not until she meets Jacob Black, a 15 year old boy, does she know. Not until she becomes Edward Cullen’s BFF does she confirm.

The Cullens are vampires.

This book will take you on a fantastic journey of understanding, humor, new friends, and near-death situations. It’s really amazing, and i added another book to my top 10 books list after reading this. I reccomend it to 5th grade or more and up. I hope you’ll enjoy it!



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