Harry Potter Series

Goshes, I don’t know where to start with explaining awesomeness. Ok, I’ll give it a try:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter, a normal 11-year-old boy (or it seems) receives a big excitement when he learns that his dead parents were wizards, meaning he is one, too. Off Harry is whisked to Hogwarts, school of magic, learning about the wizard Voldemort who killed his parents before turning on Harry, blowing himself up, and disappearing. On the way Harry meets Ron Weasley, a young wizard who becomes his friend and Hermione Granger, a know it all. But finally they find out about a mysterious immortal stone called the sorcerers Stone, and they are faced with questions: is the stone safe? Is professor Snape, Harry’s least favorite teacher, good? And most of all, is Voldemort REALLY gone?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts with thrills and excitement. But, naturally, it doesn’t last long. Their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is super stuck-up, and some mysterious force is petrifying Muggle-born (non magic parents) students! Harry, Ron and Hermione are all investigating until Harry is the prime suspect! Later, Hermione is petrified (she’s Muggle-born) too. Will Harry stop Hogwarts, his first home, from being shut down? Will, most importantly, Harry and Ron find the culprit?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

For Harry’s third year at Hogwarts, life is tense. A notorious mass murderer, Sirius Black, escaped from Azkaban, the wizard prison. Black is dangerous, disloyal—and also Harry’s godfather and his dad’s BFF. As the plot unravels, Harry finds that Black betrayed Harry’s parents to Voldemort and killed another of James’ (Harry’s dad) friends. But later, a few questions come up: Is Peter Pettigrew really dead? What is wrong with their amazing new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,professor Lupin? And is Sirius Black really all that bad?

Harry Potter and the Goblet  of Fire:

Life for Harry takes an amazing turn when Ron invites him to the Quidditch World Cup to see Ireland vs. Bulgaria, and is exposed to real Quidditch. But later, a group of Voldemort’s followers “(a.k.a Death Eaters) take hold of Muggles and torture them! returning to Hogwarts with attention as usual, Harry learns about a mysterious event going on at Hogwarts: the Triwizard Cup! It is supposed to be where 3 wizards of age from different schools(17) compete in challenges to get 1,000 Galleons (wizard money). They also get a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, an Auror (Dark wizard catcher) named Professor Mad-Eye Moody,  who teaches them defensive curses and performs illegal ones on them to see if they can resist them. Finally, when the Triwizard competitors are chosen (Cedric Diggory from Hogwarts, Fleur Decalour from Beaubaxtons, and Viktor Krum, a famous Quidditch player from Bulgaria, from Durmstrang, a school that may teach Dark Arts.), a big surprise comes: Harry is chosen too! With everyone mad at him, including Ron, except for Hermione, Harry is pressured. Will he survive? Will he win?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

After being attacked by dementors (soul-sucking creatures) Harry journeys to the Order of the Phoenix, which is a group fighting the Dark Arts composed of witches and wizards: Remus Lupin (Prof. Lupin to you), Sirius Black, Nymphadora Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Molly Weasley(Ron’s mom), Arthur Weasley(Ron’s dad), Bill Weasley(Ron’s oldest brother), and more. Harry also finds out about the headquarters, Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, which happens to be Sirius’ former and hated home. When the group returns to Hogwarts, they have a surprise: A new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who works with the Minister of Magic (Cornelius Fudge), who believes the students of Hogwarts are being trained in combat to bring him down, resulting in the fact that they would be banned from learning Defense. So, naturally, Harry strikes back: he creates a Defense Group called Dumbledore’s Army. But after Harry has a vision of Mr. Weasley getting attacked by a snake, questions arise: what is going in with Harry’s mind? What does Voldemort want? Is Harry safe? This creates a strong bond between the DA and Harry, who right now needs more than ever to trust.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

Harry returns to Hogwarts (after completing a mission with Dumbledore, spending a summer at the Weasley’s, and learning of Bill and Fleur Decalour’s engagement) with fame after being persecuted and blamed by the Minister of Magic. He also learns that his enemy, Prof. Snape, has achieved his heart’s desire and become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Meanwhile, the new Prof. Slughorn is the Potions master. Harry finds an old potions book with scribbles by the “Half-Blood Prince” that are SUPER helpful and made-up spells. He also gets private lessons with Dumbledore to find how he can defeat Voldemort. But more happens, and the question is: Is Hogwarts safe?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Now that Harry, Ron, and Hermione have dropped out of Hogwarts to find Horcruxes, the search begins. Meanwhile they go to Bill and Fleur’s wedding and to Godric’s Hollow, where Harry defeated Voldemort as a baby.  The also begin a hunt for more items: mysterious things called the Deathly Hallows. I can’t say more, though, because that would give it away. But trust me, this book is super-capital AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recommend these books to all ages who enjoy compelling and interesting fantasy. Please read these AMAZING books!

by OwlBook


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