The Shifter

Nya dreams of being a healer- a magical being who can move people’s pain into a special metal called pynvium- at the professional League. But it doesn’t go that way. When her younger sister Tali finds out that Nya can shift a person’s pain into someone else, Nya struggles to survive. And as the Duke wins the war, Healers at the league go missing. Finally, when Tali is taken, Nya discovers a secret that could cost her life. Together, Nya, her friend Danello, her friend Aylin, and Tali must save the healers from the Duke. But later, Nya is blackmailed into helping a criminal, and is forced to steal the great pynvium Slab. Will she get out alive? Read the book!

I strongly reccomend this book! It’s funny and magical at the same time. I give it a five!!!!



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