Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism

Have you ever tried to experience the taste of being a hypnotist? Have you ever thought of the raw, awesome power that hypnotism contains? Have you ever figured out you could do ANYTHING with hypnotism, like rob a bank or fake your fame in a show? If this excites you, I strongly recommend Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism !

This book is amazing to people who enjoy epic adventures that make you feel big as the galaxy and smaller than an atom. It’s about an orphan named Molly Moon who has a horrible life until she finds the famous hypnotist Dr. Logan’s book on Hypnotism! After learning, Molly heads to America to find her orphan friend, Rocky, who has been adopted and taken to America. While she is there, she hypnotizes a hot-shot director so she can be famous! But she doesn’t know that a stranger is watching her, and will do  whatever it takes to steal her book, blackmail or not!

I really enjoy this book because hypnotism makes me feel optimistic and full of great ideas. Also, Molly’s pet pug, Petula, makes all of the difference. I really love this book!




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