Remarkable By Lizzie K. Foley

Welcome to the town of Remarkable where every day in this Remarkable place filled with Remarkable people, is positively Remarkable for absolutely everyone*.

*except Jane

Have you ever seen a book subtitle like that? Remarkable pulls you into the story with its amazing characters. There is a Sea monster who loves fig bars and music above all else, two naughty identical twins who manage to turn an entire school blue, a missing famous composer, and quite a few pirates, then there’s Jane. Jane is the main character in the story.With a famous architect as a mother and a famous writer as a father Jane should be talented, shouldn’t she? Not that her siblings aren’t talented. Her younger sister is brilliant at math and her older brother can paint photo-realistic paintings. Jane is the only child in the town of Remarkable that doesn’t go to The Remarkable School for the Remarkably Gifted.

My Favorite part of the book is when her older brother, Anderson Brigby falls in love with a girl who doesn’t even know that he exists. All she cares about is music so he takes up singing. Unluckily, he is terrible while not even knowing it . Once, when he was practicing in his yard, his next-door neighbor comes over claiming that an endangered Black Rhino is in their yard yowling because of arthritus when it was really Anderson Brigby. Just thinking about the neighbor coming over gave me the hiccups.

This book is a great story and has interesting characters. You won’t put it down until you finish!


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