Your Stories

On this page you can write your very own story (using the comment feature)! We challenge you to make it 100 words or less. Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Your Stories

  1. Once upon a time there was a girl named Sara who was 4 years old. She didn’t know it, but she was destined to become the world’s greatest pie-eater.
    Of course, it all starts with her eating her first piece of pie. It was a delicious pie, with raspberries and cream. Naturally, she loved it, and ate 2 more full pies.
    The next year, she made it on the news. Why? Because how many 5 year- old girls do you meet that eat 5 pies every day for a year?
    Yep. I thought so.
    Sara was now famous. For the rest of her life she ate pies. She even made it to the 2024 olympics for pie-eating and brougt home 4 gold medals!!!!!
    The end.

  2. There once was a skunk named Smelly. You couldn’t play a trick on smelly because he would be so scared that he would spray you in the face! His spray smelled worse than a corpse flower!
    p.s. the corpse flower is the smelliest flower in the world and it’s my favorite flower!

  3. um
    Once upon a time a mouse was looking for cheese. For some reason it went into a lab and found cheese, so he ate it. But.. the cheese was radioactive!! So he became super mouse. the end.

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