Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko

I think about going in my room now, but it smells like the inside of an old lunch bag in there. My bed’s a squeaky old army cot. When I sit down, it sounds like dozens of mice are dying an ugly death. There’s no phonograph in this apartment. No washing machine. No phone. There’s a radio cabinet, but someone yanked the workings out. Who gutted the radio, anyway? They don’t let the criminals in here…do they?

Do you enjoy epic stories about historical fiction, criminals, and how life still rages on despite everything? Then this is the book for you. Al Capone Does My Shirts is about a young man named Moose Flanagan who, against his will, moves to Alcatraz Island during it’s boom days. Moose never wanted to leave his home in sunny SoCal. But Natalie, his sister, has a “mental defection”, so their parents decide to move to San Francisco so Natalie can attend a special school. It works out for everyone- Natalie gets help, his dad gets a job, his mom meets friends- except for Moose. Who wants to live on a bird-turd mount of cement? But who would’ve known that the move would bring friends, enemies, convict baseballs, cute girls, and more? Join Moose in this great novel of the twists and turns of a not-so-ordinary boy’s life on a-not-so-ordinary street, and I promise you’ll love it.

This is a great story about finding yourself and accepting change. I recommend this book for grades 4 and up. This Newberry Honor winning book is one of my personal faves (obviously) and I hope you’ll give it a try!



The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley

The Sisters Grimm is a great read. The crimes are fairytale related. I’ve only read the first 2, but they’re amazingly modern and fascinating. Read On!

By Noa, Guest Contributor

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Imagine you wake up riding in a bus in a desert holding hands with an unknown (still pretty) girl. You don’t know your age, you don’t know where you are, and worst, you don’t know who you are.

That is how The Lost Hero began. Jason, after waking up with 2 unknown friends, being attacked by storm spirits, and finding his “Coach” is actually a satyr, is tired. Tired of Drew-the girl from the Aphrodite cabin at his new “home”, Camp Half-Blood, where Greek demigods are trained, who is constantly trying to flirt. Tired of not knowing things, like his past and the weird tatoos on his arm. Even Chiron, Camp Half-Blood’s director, says Jason shouldn’t be alive. He says Jason belongs to a different camp- Camp Jupiter, the Roman enemy camp in the bay area. And why, then, was he wiped out and taken to Camp Half-Blood?

Piper is worried. Her new boyfriend, Jason, has had a sudden lapse in memory. Even worse, she’s been getting horrible dreams about her dad being killed. Then Camp Half-Blood strikes; she’s supposed to have a godly parent? As in a real Olympian Greek God? Puh-leez.

Leo is fascinated. After Jason, his best buddy, has suddenly forgotten his past, Leo doesn’t know what to expect. Then Coach Hedge, the satyr (just found out) is stolen by storm spirits and Leo has almost fallen off a cliff. Not cool. And now, at Camp Half-Blood, he has been named “Son of Hephaestus,” the cursed cabin. Which fits, because most of Leo’s life had been a curse, plus he was very handy-get it? Hah-oh, whatever.

Chiron sees meaning to these 3 friends, and enlists them on a special quest! Annabeth becomes friends with Piper. And Percy- Percy is gone. Percy is missing. And that’s what they are trying to get to the bottom of.

You should read this book! It’s amazing- like an add-on of Percy Jackson Series. You won’t regret it!

The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is a demigod- half god, half mortal. When he makes it to the only safe place for demigods like him, Camp Half Blood, his life takes bunches of twists and turns! Whether he’s saving Zeus’s lightning bolt, saving his friend Grover the satyr, rescuing his friend Annabeth from death, going into the labyrinth, or fighting and army of Kronos, King of the Titans and King of Time, these books are highly entertaining and NOT cheesy. If it sounds cheesy in the review, well get this: THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME! They are funny, adventurous, and dramatic. You gotta read this series of 5!

by OwlBook

Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism

Have you ever tried to experience the taste of being a hypnotist? Have you ever thought of the raw, awesome power that hypnotism contains? Have you ever figured out you could do ANYTHING with hypnotism, like rob a bank or fake your fame in a show? If this excites you, I strongly recommend Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism !

This book is amazing to people who enjoy epic adventures that make you feel big as the galaxy and smaller than an atom. It’s about an orphan named Molly Moon who has a horrible life until she finds the famous hypnotist Dr. Logan’s book on Hypnotism! After learning, Molly heads to America to find her orphan friend, Rocky, who has been adopted and taken to America. While she is there, she hypnotizes a hot-shot director so she can be famous! But she doesn’t know that a stranger is watching her, and will do  whatever it takes to steal her book, blackmail or not!

I really enjoy this book because hypnotism makes me feel optimistic and full of great ideas. Also, Molly’s pet pug, Petula, makes all of the difference. I really love this book!



The Shifter

Nya dreams of being a healer- a magical being who can move people’s pain into a special metal called pynvium- at the professional League. But it doesn’t go that way. When her younger sister Tali finds out that Nya can shift a person’s pain into someone else, Nya struggles to survive. And as the Duke wins the war, Healers at the league go missing. Finally, when Tali is taken, Nya discovers a secret that could cost her life. Together, Nya, her friend Danello, her friend Aylin, and Tali must save the healers from the Duke. But later, Nya is blackmailed into helping a criminal, and is forced to steal the great pynvium Slab. Will she get out alive? Read the book!

I strongly reccomend this book! It’s funny and magical at the same time. I give it a five!!!!


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