The Spirit Tribune

The Spirit Tribune

Issue 1, December 6

The Sound Of Friends


has begun. Contest for what? you might ask.

What is the contest for?

Educational leaders of Northern California

have issued a contest of creative writing.

The motive? Immigration to America. The

participants must use creative writing to

explain why they think immigrants are

good for America. The top ten will be

honored. Do you live in Northern CA?

Why not try to win?

* For more info, wait for next edit

** contest is limited to 5th grade, or

4th graders in mixed classes.

Sheet Music Plus: Owl Book strikes

gold in creating her own sheet music

for Le Miserables’ On My Own-

Alto Sax style

See picture below for details


sorry, it’s upside-down

The Spirit Trubune

Issue 2, August 22

It’s been a long time since I posted on The Spirit! Anyways, here i am. if you want to support the end of world hunger, just go to There you can take a vocabulary quiz, and every question you answer right donates 10 grains of rice to hungry people! It is absolutely free, so please visit this site!

School-School for cozybook and I starts on Monday!

Let’s raise our glasses to a wonderful summer!



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