Your Favz

If you are a book lover reading this page, feel free to recommend some books by leaving a comment. We will post the title as soon as we can and others will get to see your book recommendation!

Thank you!


19 thoughts on “Your Favz

  1. The Sisters Grimm is a great read. The crimes are fairytale related. I’ve only read the first 2, but they’re amazingly modern and fascinating. Read On!


  2. The Mysterious Benedict Society is a great trilogy for quick readers. I am in the middle of the first book. The benedict society has to spy on Mr. Benedict’s brother. He was always the mischief-maker of the family… ta ta for now,

  3. The old Nancy Drew series are my absolute favorite mysteries. From THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK to THE CAPTIVE WITNESS it’s a great deal of mystery. The series is written by Carolyn Keene. These books were published in the 30’s. Most of the words might be unusual or hard to understand but you should start on book 1…

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